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Hello I’m Benjamin Dahl

Web Developer, Tech enthusiast in Ventura County California

I have many interests, but my passion is web development. My journey began in high school when I taught myself HTML and CSS. Shortly after, I landed my first job as a Webmaster at a Bible-college in Minnesota. I continued my work as a web developer both professionally and as a freelancer throughout college as I studied Computer Science for two years and then transferred to Liberty University to complete a B.S. in Business Management Information Systems: Web Development. I chose to study BMIS because while I loved computer science I felt that I would need more than programming skills to be successful in life.

Aside from programming in and web development, I’ve also worked in I.T. and Radio Broadcasting. I have a General Class Ham Radio license and enjoy working with DIY electronics. Occasionally, I design and build small business networks including enterprise wireless, routing, switching, and even pulling cable.

I believe I am different than most people in my field, because I love both technology and I love people. People say that they enjoy working with me and that I am a good teacher.

Top Skills


Expert level. I've been working in HTML for over 11 years. I take HTML5 semantics very seriously.


Pro level. I can build responsive websites using media queries and display units.


I am very comfortable building WordPress templates and plugins in PHP, as well as database driven applications.


My bread and butter; I've built over 50 websites for various clients using the world's most popular content management system.

Additional Skills

I am looking for work as a Web Developer.

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Camarillo, CA

(218) 684-1160

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